Di Impex is an established Full color LED display and LED screen supplier , leveraging several years of experience in the LED display market. Di Impex is one of the fastest growing companies in the country and We supply LED display systems in a wide range of formats from small-scale shop signage to giant semitransparent media facades that can cover an entire building.
Di Impex’s state-of-the-art, innovative, and user-friendly products can be tailored to meet the needs of any client We are dedicated to offer one-stop LED display solutions to our clients across the globe.

Di Impex is a specialist technology company that develops and provides system integration of indoor and outdoor LED display solutions for a variety of markets including DOOH media, branding, sports and events, television, corporate AV, leisure and entertainment, traffic and transportation.

Our Wide range of products covers: Outdoor Full-Color LED displays, Indoor Full-Color LED Displays, Indoor Dual/Single Color LED displays ,Outdoor Dual/Single Color LED displays, Stage & Bar Displays, Unit boards and Outdoor Panels.

With high quality and competitive price, Di impex enjoys a good reputation for its added value. Against the backdrop of ever-changing business world, we are focusing all efforts to higher-quality LED displays and we hereby are looking forward to your positive support and cooperation.

Why Choose Di Impex for LED Screens?

There are many reasons why choosing us for buying your LED screens. Our LED screens are of the highest quality and chosen by large enterprises who are looking for that quality for a competitive price. Our most most important keys are the following:

  • Our LED display signs have the international Quality System Certification;
  • CE Certification of our led display signs;
  • Excellent, Technical Innovation;
  • Price performance ratio;
  • Contract Performance and Credibility;
  • LED Displays with high brightness LED´s;
  • Modular LED display screens;
  • Post sale assistance (after sale);
  • High expertise and know-how about LED display products;
  • Personalized sale and less than 24 hours response on all inquiries;
  • Our LED Display Screens have a warranty up to 3 years (depending on the configuration), which is more than warranty provided major of the competitors

Our Commitment to Excellence

Provide the highest quality products and services delivered with the fastest possible turnaround. Have a customer-first attitude with desire to exceed expectations Attract and retain experienced, highly skilled, and creative employees Provide state-of-the-art processes, tools, and training. Seek continuous improvement and personal renewal.
Customer Importance and Post-Sale Assistance

  • Actively listen and acknowledge viewpoints
  • Recognize the value of each employee’s job
  • Be sensitive to each individual’s culture, values, physical condition,view diversity as a strength
  • Foster an open communication environment
  • Provide a safe and clean work environment for all
  • Be considerate and thoughtful to all

Responsibility and Integrity

  • Be accountable (do what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it)
  • Understand who will do what and by when
  • Be truthful and honest
  • Participate (say what you believe)
  • Take initiative and put best effort forward

Creative Teamwork Approach

    • Encourage outside the box thinking
    • Actively listen to needs/ideas and work towards reaching consensus on best approach
    • Cooperate and support the efforts of fellow employees
    • Support decisions and strategic objectives
    • Foster discussion around differing points of view
    • Challenge the status quo – focus on continuous improvement
    • Be supportive of experimenting, failing occasionally, and trying again

Recognition and Celebration

  • Recognize others’ contributions and success
  • Celebrate teams that achieve/surpass goals
  • Reward outstanding individual performance

Duty to the Community

  • Be environmentally friendly
  • Support individuals/organizations who help others
  • Give back to those that have helped us
  • Obey all laws

Quality Management

At Di impex, we strive to consistently improve the quality through effective TQM (total quality management) activities, to ensure that our clients will be fulfilled with the utmost confidence, security, satisfaction and pride throughout the contract period and beyond.

We are utilizing a variety of different methods in our commitment to TQM in response to the needs of our customers.

We provide customized LED solutions which are based on flexibility of the LED technology.Based on your needs and requirements eg. rightness, expected distance to viewers, placement of the solution, we give you personal in- depth guidance , which ensures that you get optimal solution in best price.